Skeletor (lachrymatory) wrote,

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eight-legged friends

I have many daddy-long-legs spiders in my apartment. For most people they might be a burden, but I happen to like spiders (not the poisonous ones!). I think they are elegant creatures, and serve good purpose to rid my dwelling of any small pests.
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Doohhhhhhhhhh those guys are cute
I hope you have lots of bugs
What's up Danny!?
Where is my eight-legged-freak of a friend?! Come to NY when you can, so we can chill. I should be coming back in a 2 months or so. Take care!
Actually, daddy-long-leg spiders ARE poisonous but their mouths are so small that they can't seem to bite human skin. :o)

Danny, how can I get a hold of you? I'm coming back for a visit and want to make sure I see you!!
Lacey!!! Email me at When are you coming to socal?!